Moving Organizations into the Future

The FutureGame™

From Emergency to Emergence:
Scenario-driven collaborative strategic planning for senior management

Strategic planning as if your company's survival depended on it—because it does.

If you had played the FutureGame last year, you would be much better prepared for the crisis today. The FutureGame is where you learn today how to avoid tomorrow's crises by locating its opportunities; where what might be gets transformed into what you want it to be, and where what you want gets planned in a way that brings it about.

The FutureGame shows you the way to not just react to the volatility of today's market, financial systems, and credit crunch. It explores proactively and systematically how your company or organization can find and develop the opportunities in the current situation—how you can transform emergency into emergence.

How we see the world:
The future is already here. It just hasn't been distributed yet.”

The current rate of change is unprecedented—and getting faster. Options disappear almost as fast as new ones emerge. In the time it took you to read this, 45,000 international phone calls were made, 16 million e-mails sent, and a million more transistors have been added to the world.

The FutureGame is a powerful tool that provides perspective and strategic insight that will move your organization into the future you want. Learn how to harness change, instead of reacting to it. Find out how The FutureGame works— and why it it so useful and fun. More >>

"The FutureGame was extremely useful in helping us to develop our strategic plan!  . . . we will definitely use the FutureGame again."



In the GOING GLOBAL simulation participants gain a deeper understanding of, the need for, and impacts and opportunities of globalization on their organization, business and company. During the simulation participants increase their:
• Understanding of global leadership
• Awareness of emerging markets and new product opportunities
• Realization of potential business threats due to socio-political environments, economies and cultural barriers
• Appreciation of the need for further globalization, how to manage this process, and the current state of the company. For more information, contact us here.


“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” —African Proverb

How to go green for fun and profit.
The GreenCompany is an action-packed and fun simulation where your company or organization discovers cost-effective options for greening your business. The outcome: a plan for saving resources and money and reducing your company's carbon and ecological footprints. More >>

“Early planning is far more effective than managing the consequences of a breakdown . . . In other words, strengthening the levees in New Orleans costs much, much less than rebuilding the city.”
—Fareed Zakaria


Four Billion New Customers

There are four billion people at the base of the global economic pyramid. They need products that your company can, or already does, produce. Contact BigPicture Consulting to find out how our Four Billion New Customers service can link your company to this vast market. More >>