Moving Organizations into the Future

Manuel Manga, is an organizational design expert with international experience consulting to large and small organizations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and Europe. Mr. Manga’s work focuses on leadership, organizational effectiveness and the development of learning communities.  He offers expertise in leadership development, management skills, diversity, strategic planning, team building, systems thinking, sustainability, and organizational learning and transformation.

Mr. Manga has worked with Conoco, Chrysler, Givaudan, The World Bank, Bank Boston, Ben & Jerry’s, Plan International, Import Products,  UNDP, USAID, Genzyme, Cemex, Grupo Maseca,and DEC. He has facilitated programs in Spanish for JP Morgan Chase and Citibank in Argentina and Chile, Grupo Maseca, and Givaudan in Mexico. Plan International in Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador. Mr. Manga also worked as a Human Resource manager, and Organizational consultant at Digital Equipment Corporation, where he trained manufacturing and engineering managers in leading technical organizations, principles of quality management, managing performance, and building effective teams. 

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