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The GreenCompany™ simulation is a powerful tool for turning your company or organization into an environmentally friendly, resource efficient, cost cutting, exciting place to work. During the GreenCompany simulation you and your staff learn state of the art best practices for the greening of your buildings, environment, processes, supply chain, waste disposal, and other relevant-to-your-business practices. Participants in the GreenCompany discover and generate numerous actions and policies that save you money, reduce your energy, water, and material inputs and waste, reduce climate change emissions, expand markets, improve the health of your workforce and work environment, increase shareholder value, expand employee opportunities for meaningful interaction with your community, and positively impact the greater world of which you are a part.

How it is used
The GreenCompany simulation is an intense, one to two day, highly interactive and involving activity that is used by large and small companies and organizations interested in reducing their environmental and carbon footprints. During the GreenCompany, participants, using our unique GreeningTemplates and GreenWorkSheets, identify and develop green opportunities within and around your company or organization. Participants come up with specific implementable actions, policies, products, and metrics that help transform your company and set in place a continuing greening process that will reap environmental and financial rewards for years to come. (The activity can also be used for team building in a context of organizationally relevant problem solving and as a short- to long-range strategic planning tool.)

Who uses it

The GreenCompany is designed to be played by everyone from senior staff on down in groups that range in size from five to one hundred. Supply chain and customers can also participate. Players are on teams that correspond to real world divisions or geographical areas in which the company is based. They deal with real issues facing the organization in a dynamic fast-paced environment that combines, at various times, structured brainstorming, presentations of greening plans, design competitions between teams, and cooperation as a whole organization.

Plans, actions, and policies that when implemented will reduce energy, water, and material flows into and out of your company; reduce your company's environmental footprint; reduce your carbon emissions
Reduced costs associated with the implementation of the above
An ongoing process of greening, waste reduction, and increasing efficiency
A new way of seeing and envisioning green opportunities for your company or organization; a new way of seeing your organization, business, and industry that transforms environmental problems into opportunities
A team building experience that you and your group will not forget

Logistical Summary
: one to two days
Number of participants: 5 to 100
Cost: Inquire at BigPicture Consulting

If your company or organization would like to learn more about the GreenCompany simulation please contact us.