Moving Organizations into the Future

The FutureGame™ Simulation

The FutureGame™ is a sophisticated strategic planning tool in the form of a multimedia role-playing interactive simulation that deals with the future challenges and opportunities facing your organization. The simulation is reality based, information intensive, and realistic, while also being easy to play and fun.

The "normal" FutureGame has three sequential components: The FuturesAudit, the FutureGame simulation, and the Futures Retrospective. (The FutureGame can be used as a stand-alone product, but its impact is deepened, enriched, and extended if used in conjunction with the Futures Audit and Retrospective.)

How it is used

The FutureGame is used for mid- to long-range strategic planning, envisioning realistic future goals, opportunities and challenges, new product development and innovation opportunities, as well as team building in a context of organizationally relevant problem solving.

Who uses it

The FutureGame is designed to be played by senior level executives in groups that range in size from ten to one hundred. Players are on teams that correspond to real world divisions or geographical areas in which the organization is based. They deal with real issues facing the organization in a dynamic fast-paced scenario-driven environment that combines, at various times, structured brainstorming, thoughtful planning processes, presentations of results and plans, competition between teams, and cooperation as a whole organization.


• A new, expanded, future for your organization
• A strategic plan for getting to that future
• A new way of seeing and envisioning the opportunities and the threats facing your organization, business, and industry
• Increased opportunities for your organization
• Increased understanding of the forces shaping the world
• An experience that you and your group will not forget

FuturesAudit and Futures Retrospective
The FutureGame's impact is deepened and extended through two tools that are used before and after it. The FuturesAudit is a survey instrument that is used before the FutureGame and the Futures Retrospective is used after. Learn more . . .

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