Moving Organizations into the Future

FutureGame Scenario 4: What You Want

Expanding global, regional, local and individual capacity; social, economic, environmental problems solved, new opportunities challenge human ingenuity and capacities

Possible image: Healthy children playing in fields of wildflowers; Garden of Eden with Internet access; your business or organization playing a transformative role in the world.

Driving factors/forcing functions: : What ever you want; increasing humanity, human values, creativity, enterprise . . .

Description: This future scenario does not suggest or predict a world of the future; it demands one that corresponds to the values, vision and priorities of the humans alive in the present. It looks to the future not as a blueprint of something foreordained, but as something that is subject to planning and intervention. The qualities of this future are more goals and part of an action plan then they are a prediction. This future scenario deals with what the future should be, not with what it might be.

This scenario is created by the participants of The FutureGame and is in their words. It is a reflection of their values, vision, focus, and priorities. Participants in The FutureGame are asked, “Given the present situation of the world, what do you want the world to be like twenty years from now? What is your preferred state?” They are also asked to describe the world that they want in positive terms. Rather than saying that the future is the absence of what they do not want, they are asked to describe the future as a series of positive statements (i.e. not what are you against, but what are you for?).

Indicative quotes:
“The future is not to be predicted, it is to be planned.”
—John Platt, social scientist

“Not to dream boldly may turn out to be simply irresponsible.”
—George Leonard

“We have it in our power to make the world anew.”
—Thomas Paine

“If we attempt to legislate tomorrow’s civilization with yesterday’s methodologies we will all be losers. That is why we are involved in the reinvention of the world.”
—Jean Houston

"Doors of opportunity don't open, they unlock; it is up to you to turn the knob."
—Lily Taylor

Possible Future Headlines:
(Your Company/Organization) Achieves All Its Goals
(Your Company's) Stock Price Doubles, Again
(Your Company/Organization) Named Most Socially Responsible Company/Organization World —for 5th Year In Row
(Your Company/Organization) Wins Nobel Peace Prize

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