Moving Organizations into the Future

Global Inc. to Global LinksGlobal Inc. to Global Links

Multinational Corporations as Agents of Global and Local Transformations:

New Product Development and Creative Marketing for the Base of the Global Economic Pyramid

Global Inc. to Global Links deals with the role of the modern multinational corporation in the global marketplace and its coming transformation from a purveyor of goods and services for the wealthiest 40% of the world’s population to that of a an engine of economic development for 100% of humanity.

“Global Inc.” refers to the 64,000+ multinational corporations that straddle the world in 2005; “Global Links” refers to the new corporation that links its products to the largest markets in the global market, not just the wealthiest. Global Inc. goes after the low hanging fruit of the global upper and middle class; Global Links goes after the vast amount of fruit on the rest of the tree. …read more (PDF, 460 KB)