Moving Organizations into the Future

The InnovationGame

The InnovationGame™ is a powerful tool for enabling and generating creative, out-of-the-box thinking and development of innovations and strategic options. It is in the form of a multimedia role-playing interactive simulation where players lead their company or organization into the future, innovating their way into desired futures. The simulation, like the FutureGame, is reality based, information intensive, and realistic, while also being easy to play and fun. Just as necessity is the mother of invention, the InnovationGame unlocks the doors of creative, exuberant innovation.

How it is used

The InnovationGame is used for identifying and developing new products and strategic innovation opportunities. It can be used for envisioning realistic future goals, opportunities and challenges, as well as team building in a context of organizationally relevant problem solving. It can also be used as a short- to long-range strategic planning tool.

Who uses it

The InnovationGame is designed to be played by new product development teams—and others concerned with organizational, technological, or economic innovation—in groups that range in size from ten to one hundred. Players are on teams that correspond to real world divisions or geographical areas in which the organization is based. They deal with real issues facing the organization in a dynamic fast-paced scenario-driven environment that combines, at various times, structured brainstorming, product development processes, presentations of products and plans, design competitions between teams, and cooperation as a whole organization.


• Typically, players of the game create ten or more new products, processes, services, markets and business models for their company
• A new way of seeing and envisioning new opportunities for your company or organization
• A new way of seeing your organization, business, and industry that transforms threats into opportunities
• An expanded future for your organization
• Increased understanding of the forces shaping the world
• An experience that you and your group will not forget

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