Moving Organizations into the Future

The FutureGame™ Simulation

The FuturesAudit™ is a survey instrument that is used before the FutureGame. It helps your company or organization determine where you are in relation to future opportunities and challenges. It provides a "fix" on your present position and is useful in fine-tuning the FutureGame for your specific industry, business and company or organization.

The FuturesAudit is helpful in determining what factors, trends, and driving forces are impinging on your business, and which of these are critical. It is also useful in building consensus and laying the groundwork for the strategic plan that emerges from the collaborative process of the FutureGame.

The Futures Retrospective™
The Futures Retrospective is used after the FutureGame as a tool for driving home, fine-tuning, implementing, and measuring the business results of the strategic plan that emerges during the FutureGame. It takes the strategic results of the FutureGame, places them in a context of a tactical timeline and uses them to come up with a series of next steps and actions plans.

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