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The FutureGame™ Future Scenarios

Memories of the future

The future is where hope collides with experience.
The future is the place where the present meets the unknown.
The future is the place where optimism and pessimism yield to reality.
The future is the place where we can imagine what we want the present to be.

Scenarios are tools for helping us understand the future. They do not try to predict the future, rather they point out aspects of the future that could happen, and by inference what we can do in the present to bring the desired aspects of the future into being. More technically, a scenario is a logical sequence of events that shows how, starting from the present a future condition might evolve step by step. It is a synergetic synoptic view of as many developments as can be grasped and as may appear relevant to an experimental simulation of a possible reality.

More simply: scenarios are ways of organizing our experiences in ways that allow us to look at, understand, and influence the future.

The FutureGame uses a series of scenarios to structure its BigPicture strategic planning process. Four generic scenarios are presented here to provide you with a feel for the richness and depth of BigPicture Consulting's work. The scenarios are a way of organizing and examining the possibilities of the future. They are organized into four fundamental pathways to the future. All four scenarios are operating somewhere or in many places in the present day world. They are all compelling and possible, and are in a Darwinian, survival of the fittest, competition for our attention, as well as for our fears, desires, money and ultimately, our commitment.

FutureGame Scenario 1: Momentum

FutureGame Scenario 2: Brake/Break-down

FutureGame Scenario 3: Breakthrough

FutureGame Scenario 4: What Do You Want?

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