Linking Corporations to Emerging Markets

Our Mission

BigPicture Consulting was created out of a vision that corporations, organizations, and governments could do well by doing good. Our mission is to harness the power, resources, initiative, and vision of profitable corporate enterprise, successful civil society, and transparent government to meet the needs of the world. Our strategic planning simulations were developed to provide perspective in an information-clogged world and the specific plans needed to reach bold visions of desired futures. Our four billion new customers work was developed specifically to help corporations, organizations, and governments develop innovative products and services for the world's emerging markets. This aspect of our work seeks to inform and enable corporate executives to leverage their core competencies with the economic opportunities in these markets— resulting in profitable enterprises that meet the needs of the over four billion people not currently in the purview of the modern corporation.

We do this for our clients through simulations, presentations, workshops, and ongoing consulting.

Located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area of the United States, BigPicture Consulting can be reached at: 610-566-0156 or