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What a few of our clients say . . .

The FutureGame . . .

"The FutureGame was extremely useful in helping us to develop our strategic plan! Medard was an excellent facilitator and we will definitely use the FutureGame and his help again."
Sue Koob
Executive Director
Pulmonary Cardiovascular Nurses Association

"We had a very good time, and wow, did we get a lot out of it! It takes you on a ride to various extremes of the future. It helps you fast track the future and makes you deal with it in a very focused way. The mind set brought us together. It brought us forward and allowed us to see through the same window into the future. It was a very worthwhile exercise and I would recommend it to anyone."
Marc C. Lundeberg
Regional Director
BAT Central America and Caribbean

"Burger King set out to instill a discipline in our organization for futures planning. Knowing that it's nearly impossible to predict the future, we wanted to position ourselves to have the ability to predict a number of different futures. BigPicture Consulting was brought to help facilitate a kickoff event with the top 30 executives in our organization. Medard brought the scenarios to life. We were able to suspend disbelief and act as though we were faced with these real life scenarios to solve. This event was a great spring board that has led to a completely different perspective on assessing the future and how we might prepare for any number of possibilities. I highly recommend BigPicture Consulting for organizations that are considering the practice of futures planning."
Michael Kappitt
Senior Vice President
Global Business Intelligence & Strategy
Burger King Brands, INC.

"An eye-opening and powerful experience. I gained insight into future opportunities and clarified what we can, and need, to do."
Student, Kellogg School of Business
Northwestern University

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