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Consulting Services: BigPicture Base of the Pyramid Economic Development (BOPED)

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This service provides government agencies and non-governmental organizations knowledge and methodology for base of the pyramid economic development. This service helps link responsible business, responsive government and resilient civil society in a tri-sector approach to economic development—that delivers sustainable and profitable solutions to poverty.
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BigPicture Consulting's Base of the Pyramid Economic Development service presents a big picture perspective on organizational, local, regional, and national problems that empower leaders by turning problems into opportunities. Our approach removes “small picture” assumptions to reveal big picture resources. We think perspective is the mother of discovery.
We are convinced that wealth is in the whole, not in the parts. Our approach is to build whole systems capacity and to transform local problems into opportunities for wealth creation.
We see markets where conventional thinking only sees poverty; we see connections and collaborations where current actors only see walls and competition. We think civil society, private enterprise, and government are all on the same team—and the sooner they realize this, the sooner real wealth can be created and abysmal poverty eliminated. We think it is better to ask the right question than to answer the wrong one.
Our approach turns leaders into effective problem solvers, not martyrs to a lost cause. We help leaders see across boundaries and build connections and collaborations between civil society, private enterprise and government. The results are real, sustainable, socially relevant, and profitable.

What we do

Big Picture Consulting offers consulting and training that transforms leaders abilities to solve tough problems and create desired futures for their organizations, communities, or countries.
We do this through a whole systems approach to defining problems and developing sustainable solutions to real problems.
We offer leadership programs to develop evolutionary leaders and regenerative solutions programs to deliver wealth building action plans.

Evolutionary Leaders programs

Leaders Transforming Problems by Building Sustainable Institutions And Societies.
Evolutionary leaders are both effective problem solvers, and generators of desired futures. Our leadership programs are based on five disciplines:
• Systems thinking. Seeing the big picture—seeing the whole, not just the parts, seeing hidden connections in systems is essential for transforming systems.
• Sustainability/Regeneration. Applying sustainability and regenerative design to processes, products, communities, and organizations is critical for solutions that work— and keep on working.
• Transformational Conversations. Having effective conversations with all stakeholders produce new possibilities, commitment, and effective action.
• Desired Futures. Creating a vision of what is desired rather than statements of what is feared brings about a creative tension between current reality and the desired future and a perspective that leads to solutions outside of the conventional paradigm.
• Collaboration. Getting leaders from business, government, and civil society to collaborate and build their desired future leads to solutions that work for everyone in ways that builds capacity and wealth for all.
Our programs help leaders see problems from other perspectives and develop solutions that solve problems, not treat symptoms. Leaders become designers of a future in which innovation, wealth, justice, community, and sustainability flourish.

Regenerative Action Plans
Eradicating Poverty, Building Wealth, Transforming Society
BigPicture Consulting’s Regenerative Action Plans are tri-sector plans that bring the forces of the private sector, civil society and government to bear on the problems of poverty. Working with an organization, community, agency or government, the action plans are developed using a methodology that is inclusive, comprehensive and creative.
Our action plans start with a community created vision of the desired future and proceed to detail the path to this vision. Present day technology coupled with previously hidden local resources combine in joint initiatives to create wealth that solves problems. Our action plans assume the obvious—that everything is connected to everything else, and that a poverty reduction strategy that leaves out key sectors or players is like putting a band-aid on cancer. Our action plans deal with systems of food, energy, shelter, water, sanitation, education, health care, communication, transportation, employment, and governance. They involve win/win/win outcomes for communities, families, and individuals and civil society, private enterprise, and government.
Regenerative Action Plans become designs for a future in which innovation, wealth, justice, community, business, and sustainability flourish.
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