Moving Organizations into the Future

Global Inc. An Atlas of the Multinational Corporation
by Medard Gabel and Henry Bruner
A visual exploration of the history, geography, scale, impacts and governance of the multinational corporation

Over 400 maps, charts and graphs help illustrate the complexities of the “most powerful engine yet developed by humanity for producing wealth.” The Ford Foundation funded the 3 year project that put the book together and The New Press published it. Foreword by John Browne, CEO, BP.

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Global Inc.: Table of Contents

Preface by Bruce Mazlish
Foreword by John Browne
I. Global Inc.
II. The Foundations of Multinational Corporations

  Technological Drivers of Globalization
  Economic Globalization
III. The History of Multinational Corporations
  The Opening of World Trade 700 A.D.–1600
  Major European Multinational Businesses 1300–1500
  The Rise of Global Trading Companies 1600–1800
  The First Global Economy 1800–1914
  The Modern Multinational Corporation 1914–2000
IV. The Global Corporations
   Industrial Corporations
     Motor Vehicles
     General Motors
   Petroleum & Petrochemicals
     BP Amoco
   Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
   Construction & Construction Materials
   Forest & Paper Products
   Information Technology Corporations
     Computers & Electronics
       LG Electronics
   Software & the Internet
   Service Corporations
     Commercial Banking
     Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi
   Transportation & Postal Services
     United Parcel Service
     British Airways
   Legal Services
     White & Case
   Food & Food Services
     Saatchi & Saatchi
   Media & Entertainment
     AOL Time Warner
   Consulting & Accounting
     Arthur Andersen
V. Impacts and Governance of Multinational Corporations
  Impacts Lead to Governance
  Nationalism vs. Global Inc.: Changing Roles of Government and Governance
  Economic Impacts and Governance
  Environmental Impacts and Governance
  Cultural Impacts and Governance
  Political Impacts and Governance
  Small World Big/ Companies
  Global Markets, Global Regulation
  Governance and National Law
  Governance and Standards
  Governance and Markets/ Marketplace Governance
  Corporate Citizenship/ Corporate Social Responsibility
  Internal Corporate Governance
  Non-Governmental Organizations and MNCs
  Governance, MNCs and WTO
  Possible Policies and Actions
  The Need for Governance
  Governance of the Global Corporation