Linking Corporations to Emerging Markets

Four Billion New Customers

Where are they?
The emerging markets—the largest in the world—are at the base of the global economic pyramid. With four billion people and over $2 trillion in annual expenditures, these markets do not currently show up on the radar screens of most contemporary corporations. BigPicture Consulting makes these markets accessible. We utilize your core competencies and resources in innovative ways to reduce risk, leverage opportunity, and create profit centers.
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What we do
Our service helps you identify, develop, and market products and services that meet vital human needs in emerging markets in profitable and sustainable ways. We provide a big picture perspective of the global economic pyramid—covering the basic facts and principles that underlie the economic pyramid and it’s utility for your company, the development of products that survive and thrive in this market, and the methodology needed to reduce risk, increase success and leverage resources. Examples of successful products, marketing strategies, and business models are provided, along with various financing, marketing, and partnering approaches to reach this market .

Our work is based on the book Global Inc.: An Atlas of the Multinational Corporation and on work being done around the world on product development and marketing for the base of the global economic pyramid. Learn more about how BigPicture Consulting can help you

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