Moving Organizations into the Future

David Heeney, an environmental scientist, has done management consulting in strategic planning, environment policy, energy systems and technology assessment since 1978. He has undertaken projects in Canada, United States, China, India and Latin America and brings a systems perspective, scientific rigour and business acumen to each of his assignments. One of his distinctive capabilities is to quickly see through a morass and identify the central kernel.

Mr Heeney's consulting projects have covered a wide range of global issues, with a focus on environment and energy. Recently, his work has been concentrated on energy demand side management, climate change, and information systems. He has done extensive work for both public, private and third sector clients on formulating action plans, designing and responding to regulatory frameworks, environmental economics and designing computer-assisted management systems. Often his projects lead to the design of tools to assist decision-makers to deal with the business, environment, and resource challenges they confront.

Much of his work helps clients to think and plan systematically. He recently assisted a number of electricity distribution companies to develop plans for energy conservation and demand management, worked with senior managers from industry in Latin America to develop plans and strategies for addressing climate change, designed an on-line resource for industry to understand how their emissions compare to other facilities in their region, their sector and their country, and assisted a network of non-government organizations to formulate a strategy for developing and promoting energy programs that meet the special needs of low income consumers.

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